Anxiety Counselling

Is anxiety a significant issue in your life? If you answer yes, then you are probably suffering in some way.

Let's talk about it

You are not alone

You may be feeling that situations such as work or perhaps issues that are going on with your friends or family are just too demanding to cope with at the moment.

You may feel overwhelmed and have unsettling thoughts, panic, worry, fear, or painful memories. Life may not be as joyful as it should be, and instead, you are exhausted, frustrated, and fragile.

Stop your struggle

Come and work with me and stop your struggle with anxiety.
You can learn to experience these feelings without it being a problem for you.

A part of life

Anxiety is an intense emotion that’s challenging to cope with and have control over. However, it is part of life, and we all experience anxiety and fear.

Let’s work together.

We can work together so that anxiety loosens its grip on your life. I can’t offer you a magical solution or wave a magic wand to take these feelings away. What I can do is work with you to stop your struggle with anxiety and fear.

Let's talk about it

Living Well

We will focus on developing a set of skills so that you can start living well. You will learn grounding and mindfulness tools to help get you into the present moment. You will become able to help yourself to open up and make room for those painful and complicated feelings. You will gain strategies to direct your energies into aspects of your life that matter.

Let's talk about it

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