Grief and Loss

Loss, death and mourning are part of life, and it’s part
of being human. All of us will experience grief and loss
at some point in our lives.

Let's talk about it

A part of being human

Your grief may be for the loss of a loved one. Many other life experiences can also mean that you experience feelings of grief and loss. I’m thinking of endings. Things like a relationship breakdown, retiring, losing your job or facing redundancy, changes in your health, miscarriage or having an abortion, children leaving home, moving to name but a few.

An Emotional Rollercoaster

The experience of grief is very individual; we’re all unique, and so is your pain.  Common reactions include shock and denial, anger, guilt, sadness, depression and other painful feelings. You might feel overwhelmed with the intensity and range of your emotions. 

What’s important is that everyone needs to respect and understand the process of grief and acknowledge that it’s necessary. Allow yourself to feel your pain and find ways to support yourself. That might mean that you decide you need support to come to terms with your loss.

What does support look
like for you?

Have you reached out to friends and family? Have you told your work colleagues
or your boss what’s happening in your life? Coming to talk to someone like me
may also be part of your healing.

Let's talk about it

Come and explore your
grief with me

What you’re experiencing is normal. I can offer you a safe place and the support to explore and process your feelings at your own pace. There’s a paradox of grief that Julia Samuel writes about in her book Grief Works.

‘Finding a way to live with the pain is what enables us to heal.’

I can help you do that.

Let's talk about it

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