Happy Valentines Day to you all!!

It wouldn’t seem right not to write about love today of all days and I’ve found a great article for you to take a look at if you wish.

Ed and Deb Shapiro write eloquently about learning to open the heart. The heart is not just the centre of love it’s also the centre of our very being.

“You awake in love, you bathe in love, you eat in love, you walk in love, and you live in love. Love is within you; it is your true nature; it is who you really are.”  Ed Shapiro

Source: Love Needs To Be Remembered, Restored and Renewed | The Huffington Post

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Hello, I’m Eileen Fisher. I’m an indoor and outdoor therapist and nutritionist. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for both individuals and couples, as well as nutrition advice and support around disordered eating.

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