This is an excellent article by Tom May a retired professional rugby player and writer for the Huffington Post.

This post is part of a month-long focus that the Huffington Post is running about masculinity in the 21st Century and the pressures that men face around identity.

Tom tackles the subject of men talking about problems,  or rather in fact not talking about them. He writes:

“There is a feeling amongst men, on the whole, that we can’t speak about anything that we are finding difficult…” 

He writes with honesty and integrity from personal experience; I urge you to read on…

Men – It’s Time to Talk | Tom May

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Hello, I’m Eileen Fisher. I’m an indoor and outdoor therapist and nutritionist. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for both individuals and couples, as well as nutrition advice and support around disordered eating.

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