In 2012 the NHS became responsible for equality of care for both mental health and physical health within England. However mental health services still seem to have the role of the ‘poor cousin’ within the NHS  and inadequate mental health care seems to be highlighted at every turn.  Sadly there are many examples of long waiting times, lack of access to the right treatment, the use of police cells for vulnerable people, poor crisis care; the list could go on.

Did you know that there is a 20-year gap in life expectancy between those with mental health problems and the rest of the population?

Now a campaign calling for an increase in funding for services associated with mental health in England has been launched by former mental health minister Norman Lamb with the backing of 200 celebrities.

Public figures sign letter seeking equality for mental health | Society | The Guardian

Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Hello, I’m Eileen Fisher. I’m an indoor and outdoor therapist and nutritionist. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for both individuals and couples, as well as nutrition advice and support around disordered eating.

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