Understanding Your Eating

Do you use food to manage your emotions? Are you a diet expert?
Do you know what you should do, but feel stuck?

I am a licenced practitioner of the Understanding Your Eating Programme (UYE), and I work with a lot of clients with disordered eating.

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Is food your best friend, your worst enemy or sometimes both? Does food, weight or body shape preoccupy your waking moments? Would you like to try something different?

Understanding Your Eating Programme

Understanding Your Eating was developed by Professor Julia Buckroyd, a leading
figure in the field of eating disorder treatment in the UK.

A 5 week course

The programme consists of a five-week course, and you can find more detailed descriptions of the programme on the Understanding your Eating website: http://www.understandingyoureating.co.uk/.

The focus of the programme is to develop a greater insight into what situations, feelings and thoughts might be triggering your eating issues. We can follow the programme as set out below, or I can tailor it to your needs.

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