This interim time between Christmas and the new year always gives me time to think about the coming year. How about you?  What do you want to do more of?  What do you want to do less of?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is all about leading a fulfilling life now! It’s not about waiting for life to begin when we’re a certain weight for example or when we’ve got that dream job or partner or house. It’s about now!

Ask yourself what’s really important to you? What do you really care about?  This sounds like a simple question but many of the people I work with struggle to come up with a substantial answer until we spend more time working on it using a value card exercise. Why not download the value cards cut them out and do the exercise yourself? First sort them out into very important, important and not important. Then from the very important pile pick your 6 that are the most important to you right now. Don’t worry about getting it exactly right. You can always change your mind later. Write down a couple of sentences for each value about why they really matter to you.

Claim your values!

You can choose to guide your life on your values. Nobody can tell you what you should or shouldn’t value! Use them when you start to think about what you want to do in 2019.   I wrote about the difference between values and goals in my blog at the start of  2017 and it’s worth you taking a look at this if you’re not quite clear about the difference between values and goals. You could ask yourself these questions to help the process:  What sort of person do I want to be? How will I develop friendship and love? How will I positively influence our world? What about joy?  Go for it!



Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher

Hello, I’m Eileen Fisher. I’m an indoor and outdoor therapist and nutritionist. I offer counselling and psychotherapy for both individuals and couples, as well as nutrition advice and support around disordered eating.


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