What Clients say…..

Therapy for each individual is unique. However, here is some feedback from previous clients which might help you to decide if I’m the right therapist for you.

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“I wasn’t sure what to expect from therapy before speaking to Eileen. I’d never had any formal therapy before despite feeling like I needed to for a long time, and was nervous.

Eileen immediately put my mind at rest in our introductory session, after which we worked together for six months.

Eileen is an excellent, non-judgemental listener with a natural ability to put people to ease. Through our sessions, I came to develop a better understanding of the conversations I have with myself in my head, and the origins of the intrusive thoughts I occasionally experience.

Through this new understanding, I’m now able to identify negative thought patterns as they begin to occur, and thus avoid the bad decisions that used to come from them. I’ve learned to forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made in the past.

I finally understand the origins of some of the thoughts and actions that used to trouble me. The techniques that Eileen teaches are helpful for self-analysis even in a non-therapy environment and have become tools I use in everyday life.

I feel that my mental health has improved immeasurably as a result of my therapy with Eileen, and I would happily recommend her to anybody – especially if you’re new to the idea of therapy and are as wary of it as I once was.”


R    Manchester

I’d come out of a relationship which pretty much blindsided me. A significant amount of critical feedback was given to me – me and my behaviours were the problem. I was at a very low point, I wasn’t eating or sleeping properly and trying to rationalise what had happened and been said to me was not working. Fortunately, a few good friends supported me and one pointed me in the direction of Eileen. In truth, I thought well it can’t be worse than I feel now so why not.

What was it like?

At times awful but then it felt like a weight was lifted afterwards.

I’ve cried in front of Eileen (and that’s highly unusual for me) as she has a way of making you feel at ease no matter how tough the situation or conversation is.

She’s calm and helps you to understand you.

Why do you behave the way you do?

How can you deal with the situations better?

What is the root cause of the behaviours?

She’s also firm and was not afraid to tell me when I was being too hard on myself.

We’ve also laughed a lot.

As the sessions went on and we picked me up the help branched out into supporting all of me not just the parts related to relationships. I was running a business in the middle of a pandemic and it was lonely and scary. Eileen was an invaluable support and a sanity check in what felt like a mad world.

I can’t recommend Eileen enough. The empathy is real. The counselling knowledge and skills worked wonders with me and she helps you want to help yourself. Has it been one of the best things I have ever done? Absolutely.

G   Warrington

As a novice to the world of therapy, my expectations were fairly limited on the day I arrived at Eileen’s office. I was a little nervous, but her gentle, friendly demeanour put me at ease.

The tangle of emotions, experiences and stories I carried with me were gradually disentangled and made sense of, using various methods employed by Eileen.

She helped me develop excellent coping strategies, fresh insights and generally a much-improved everyday life.

After my positive experience and outcome, I can highly recommend Eileen Fisher if you are planning a journey into therapy.

K  Wilmslow